Founder: Erica Bennett

Erica Bennett

If there’s one thing I love, it’s words. In fact, my Mom has a recording of me at three months-old, trying my best to have a conversation.

I hail from Dallas, Texas, but spent four years in the Midwest at the University of Missouri. Before my degree in Broadcast Journalism, the plan was to be a sports psychologist and help athletes analyze their off the field issues. Go figure. While at Mizzou, I worked in the Disabilities Office and Athletic Department, and did internships with the Big 12 Conference and NBC5 in Dallas. After two years as a news reporter in Shreveport, Louisiana, I went to Jacksonville, Florida and spent three years at the CBS/FOX station. After a 5 month hiatus in Texas, I went back to Action News and picked up where I left off. During that return, I helped launch and anchor the weekend morning show.

On a personal note: I love HGTV, action movies, sleep, traveling, laughing and great food. I have an older brother named Corey and border-line OCD when it comes to things being neat.

The Lord blessed me with a supportive family, husband and an awesome group of friends — and for that, I’m grateful. I still have a long way to go in this race called life, but in the meantime: I’m going to pray, laugh, and make a positive stamp wherever I can.

My favorite Bible verse is Galatians 6:9. It keeps me going.

Twitter: @EricaANjax

Instagram: @ericabennett


3 comments on “Founder: Erica Bennett

  1. I. work with her at ktal tv in shreveport I was in master control she is a good person even tho I was just in master control she would allways speak when she pass through master control a good down to earth personp

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